We are specialist constitutional lawyers with a wealth of experience in prosecuting and defending constitutional petitions, judicial review, administrative law and electoral laws. We also act as legal advisors to corporate and state institutions on the application of the Constitution and legislation to various sectors.


Comprising dedicated and pragmatic individuals, our Private International Law team offer expert advice, unparalleled service to our clients this area. Private International law, as a field of legal discourse, is a field that our firm has vast knowledge and experience. Our firm has offered legal advisory services in resolving disputes


The Conveyancing team has vast knowledge and experience in general conveyancing as well the real state sector that provides the best expertise and contacts for each transaction. Our in depth experience means that we focus on the key value drivers and risks for every conveyancing transactions. Our team assist and


By aligning our client’s business strategies, we guide corporations, business organizations, financial institutions and individual persons.. through commercial transactions as well as corporate development. Our advisory services cover the whole spectrum of the business life cycle and involves continuous due diligence to advice our clients on legal and regulatory changes


We act as criminal defense counsel for our individual and corporate clients. We have a considerable track record representing clients and their employees in municipal courts, traffic courts, anti-corruption and economic crimes court.


Clients benefit from our seamless legal advice and legal representation covering crime liability and civil recovery. Our team in Litigation through ‘hands on style’ offer comprehensive range of end to end support throughout the litigation process both in civil litigation and criminal litigation. The Litigation department  handles the following matter;


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Litigation can be an inhibiting cost to business so we aim is to help clients reduce exposure whenever possible. You don’t want to litigate, and neither do we. We want to avoid litigation disputes and have the right way and team to help you resolve as amicably as possible. We


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